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real-estate-agent1Choosing a realtor who knows the business and the area is very important to a successful transaction. All New Concept Realty sales associates provide highly individualized services to match the personal and emotional needs of their clients. Just as location, price, style, and amenities of homes are different, so is our approach to serving the needs of homebuyers. What’s more, once you find a New Concept sales agent to work with, he or she will always be happy to handle your real estate needs.




Jill Prigge – Realtor /  Owner
Office: 419-274-8551
Cell: 419-786-9597


Joan Meyer – Realtor
Office: 419-274-8551
Cell: 419-722-7479

Grace Mangas

Grace Mangas – Realtor
Office: 419-274-8551
Cell: 419-348-0484

Gabe Buchman – Realtor
Office: 419-274-8551
Cell: 567-344-2752




Doug Prigge-Realtor/Owner/Broker
Office: 419-274-8551
Cell: 419-966-6584


Diane Dietsch – Realtor/Broker
Office: 419-274-8551
Cell: 419-438-6319


Dave Maassel – Realtor/Auctioneer
Office: 419-274-8551
Cell: 419-966-2310